At Logan Drilling Group, we are convinced that the great success of a company is achieved only by excellent people and good equipment. This is why we have qualified personnel working in all of the different areas of our business, all this in order to achieve the best results for our client's requirements.

Our Geotechnical and Environmental division is very dynamic when it comes to the services offered. We offer a full fleet of 20 late model CME and Acker Drills, mounted in several configurations such as heli-portable, Truck, ATV, Rubber Truck, Nodwell and barge drills.

We are able to provide flight Augering, Hollow Stem Augering up to 12 1/4” I.D. , CME Continuous sampling, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ coring, Triple Tube Coring, NQ & HQ Packer Testing, Split Spoon sampling, Vane Shear, and Shelby Tube sampling. We are well versed in the drilling and installation of large diameter recovery wells and deep water marine drilling. We take great pride in our ability to modify our equipment to meet our client’s project requirement.

Maintenance on the drills is performed before, during and after any drilling project. It begins with a maintenance check before any drill goes out the door, a preventative maintence program during the time the drill is in the field to a complete overhaul of the drill when it returns to our shop.


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