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SUNWARD (Titiribí)

This municipality is located in the southwestern Antioquia, right in the foothills of the central mountain range, between the towns of Venecia, Concordia and Angelopolis 62 km from the city of Medellin.

Total Population: 13,762 inhabitants. (2009)

• Urban population: 7,385
• Rural Population: 6377

The municipality of Titiribi has very good access roads and a long trajectory in the extraction of minerals, which has permitted a good positioning of our company here. This journey began with major mines such as El Zancudo where foreign investment had a great interest to settle there after the extraction site for their resources. Following this mining success due to its rich mountains full of gold, zinc, silver, arsenic, iron, etc..,Other mining projects were held there, such as Los Chorros, Las Villegas and Otramina who found their greatest attraction the deposits of coal.

Taken of the official page of the municipality http://titiribi-antioquia.gov.co/sitio.shtml


The company Logan Drilling Colombia began operations in this township on April 23, 2010 with the signing of a contract with a recognized Canadian mining company thathas made significant drilling projects in the sectors of La Maria, La Margarita and Serrovetas more recently.

Logan Drilling currently maintains its operations in this sector employs more than 35 people in this town, and boasts the production of a Duralite Diamond Drill brand like DrillTN1000, drill TN800 and a drill mark A-5 imported from Canada.

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