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Marmato is located in the department of Caldas 75km from Manizales and is bordered by the municipality of Caramanta (Antioquia), also borders the municipalities of Supía and La Merced. Marmato is located on the eastern flank of the western mountain range and the western slopes of the Cauca River. It is geographically in the west of relief known as el macizo the los mellizos that has a total area of 40.08 km2. Its climate of 23 ° C.

Marmato historically has sustained its economy in mining, this activity constituted the main source of income and employment for its inhabitants. Marmato is the largest producer of gold in the department of Caldas and the oldest in the country.

In the municipality we find the famous gold mines of Echandía and Marmato, in operation since 1537, which constitute a mining district approximately 25 km2. For thisreason, it is considered one of the most important mining towns in the country, but in recent years some geological difficulties has affect the population. For this reason, the municipality has been promoting prevention and environmental restoration where our companies are present. Currently in Marmato, projects are being implemented for the characterization of minerals and the use of clean technologies to generate greatervalue added to the mineral resource.



Our company signed a major contract last year of 5,000 meters, resulting in the drilling process with the Canadian company Mercer Gold Corporation which began October 20, 2010 with a drill Duralite TN 600 , this contract was renewed in 2011 by extending it to over 15,000 meters.

This project was a success, even though the contract had ended March 30, 2011. Our operations are mainly conducted in the area of Guayabales, obtaining very good results in monthly drilling reports and generating employment and development in this sector.

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