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CUORO (Guadalupe)

The municipality is located in the North sub-region of Antioquia.

The City is linked by road to neighboring populations Anorí, Amalfi, Gomez Plata, Carolina del Príncipe, Santa Rosa de Osos, Angostura and Campamento.

In mining include the extraction of gold, silver, antimony and others. You can reach this municipality from Medellin - Bello - Copacabana - Girardota - Barbosa - Porce - Gomez Plata - Carolina del Principe.


Guadalupe is a town not much exploited by the mining sector and foreign investment, but is a sector with great potential. Therefore our presence there in accordance with the mining company Cuora which started July 8, 2011 to drill in the Santa Elena.

The project began with an important agreement for 25,000 meters using a drill DuraliteTN 600.



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