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This municipality is located in northeastern Antioquia municipality bordering Yolombo, San Roque Santo Domingo and is considered one of the smallest municipalities in the department because of its extension 46.76km2.

The main minerals found in this town by our clients and other companies are gold,copper and molybdenum

In the town of Cisneros there has been significant mining projects with renowned international firms such as Anglo Gold and Gold Ashanti/B2 Arcturus Ventures.

Security and access to the city have provided key bases for investment in the mining sector and the municipality and its people are committed to achieving its development, income and employment generation for its inhabitants.

The municipality of Cisneros has a favorable climate for mining operations which favors our stay of 24 hours under constant drilling.

Access roads and communication are conducive to investment needs in the region.


Mining in Cisneros has been a sector that has grown since pre-Columbian times to the present, thanks to the wealth of their territories and the success of its mining projects conducted to date.

Our main customer Antioquia Gold Inc, is a major Canadian mining company engaged in the prospecting and mining of gold, silver and related minerals developing and drilling in the area of El Limon, Guayabito and La Quiebra. The first contract between the two companies was held on August 30, 2010 for about 3,000meters, then expanded to other 5.000metros 15.000metros and currently reaches more with the presence of our second hole in the area.

Our mining and drilling services of coring extraction are part of the process of mineral exploration carried out by the mineral mining company, now that our samples lead to determine the viability of future projects in a certain territory. For this reason, we have been present in this town with a big contract that began on September 20, 2010 with a Duralite TN800 drill and this year we increased our production with a second drill, the TN1000, due to the demand that the territories of the region has generated.

Learn more at http://www.antioquiagoldinc.com/s/Cisneros.asp

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