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Geographically the town is located on the eastern slopes of the Western Mountain range. It borders the municipality of Ebéjico the banks of the Cauca River, with the Cityof Santa Fe de Antioquia and the Municipality of Urrao and 82 kilometers from the city of Medellin. It has a total extension of 253 Km2 and a temperature of 27 º C.

The municipality has other ways to communicate with the Internal village of Guinta and some of their villages, just as with the municipality of Caicedo, Urrao and the township of Altamira (Betulia).

In its mining is recognized by the gold mining and gypsum.


Our company made an agreement with the Colombian company Minera Anza the first of April 2011 to drill 3.000metros in the town of Anza with a drill Duralite TN600.

This project was short duration, but had a great average in drilled meters per day. That contract ended last March 30, 2011.

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